What is a Muckles Rally?

A Rally is a way to get custom products to work for you in way to earn money or fundraise for a cause!

Red Barn Creative has created Muckles Rally,  a custom set of products, within our store that is set up to "rally" for an individual or group like a school, new project, non-profit or start-up to fundraise or brand products.  

We offer quality printed, embroidered and screened apparel as well as custom office supplies, printed paper goods and more to offer within your store for sale to work toward your goal in an effort to fundraise or make your mark in the world!

It's as easy as these four steps:

1.  Everyone has the opportunity to work with our designers to create a custom design, if they don't have one already created. 

2. Then they choose specific products to place in their webstore.

3.  Decide on the amount of time they want to fundraise or if they want to keep the store going indefinitely.  Then they will earn a portion of each sale placed on the website.

4. The only job of the organization is to promote the store to their audience! We handle all the production and shipping.

Are you interested in working with us to earn money for your organization? Let's connect and see if partnering will work for you!

 Email us at info@mucklesink.com